Managed IT Services

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Does your firm have an IT Department? Do you employ a Chief Information Officer, a Network Administrator, and a Network Engineer? To have a fully staffed IT department you'll need all three and a budget of about $250,000 per year. Let ACS help you with your IT needs with our Managed Services Plan. ACS can [...]

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Virtual CIO

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A CIO is a Chief Information Officer, and most companies who have fewer than 500 employees, tend to not have a CIO on staff. One of ACS’s services is our “Virtual CIO” where we assign your company a virtual Chief Information Officer. This person will spend anywhere from an hour to ten hours every week [...]

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IT Security Audit

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Has your company had thorough penetration testing or a security audit performed? Your firewall, anti-virus, and even the best practices you have in place will not give you the detailed information that a proper security audit can. Without it, you will not understand what your vulnerabilities are or where some potential holes are. And with [...]

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Stretch ROI on Technology Hardware

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We understand it’s important for your business to stretch the ROI on technology hardware, and it’s our goal at ACS to help you do this. So while our competitors might come in and tell you to replace your servers, declare that all your hardware is obsolete, and advise you to start fresh with what they [...]

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Data Intelligence

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Have you ever had a chance to go through your network to understand what kind of data you’re storing, such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, any sort of intellectual property, etc. Do you know if this information is secure? Do you know where it’s stored or if it’s backed up? Our team, along [...]

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Best Practices

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Do you have the knowledge-base to implement best technology practices for your business or firm? Our goal is to apply best practices across the board, whether it’s in regard to security, onboarding of new employees, or anything else. This is a system every business should have in place, and technology is the area where it’s [...]

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Windows 10: Should You Upgrade?

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Microsoft has released their latest operating system, Windows 10, and there’s a lot of talk about why you should or shouldn’t upgrade. At ACS, we have over 2500 devices under management, some of which are running Windows 10. We can help you decide what would work best for you and your company. Get in touch [...]

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Keyboard Shortcuts

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With today’s technology, firms are collecting greater volumes of information across multiple resources, and must quickly and systematically analyze this material in order to realize its value. Everyone in the office should be familiar with the tricks proven to expedite the process of arranging and examining reports. For this reason, we are always updating our [...]

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

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A Backup and Disaster Recovery plan will protect in situations ranging from an employee deleting a spreadsheet, to hardware failures, to a fire or flood that destroys the office. And while implementing a plan is easy, a conversation is necessary to get started.

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Legal IT

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ACS has extensive experience working within the Legal Industry. Our team currently manages around two dozen law firms, and as a member of the Association of Legal Administrators, we have the opportunity to communicate with several hundred law firms on a regular bases, about which strategies work best. We are happy to talk to you [...]

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