1. Risk Mitigation Creating distance between your Boston IT corporate headquarters and its Data Center eliminates the risk of a single event—such as a utility blackout or a natural disaster—taking out both facilities. Having distance between the headquarters and the data center is ideal, as this allows the team reasonable access to the data center, [...]

How a Secure Network Impacts Your Bottom Line

In today’s global economy, one major measuring stick of a business’ success is how efficiently it can expand, or in other words, how effectively a company can reach out to new clients all over the world. Seeing that businesses are relying more and more heavily on digital media and computer technology, perhaps the major driving [...]

AT&T Vs Verizon

AT&T is one of the largest service providers in the telecommunication industry in United States. With more than 150 million customers it is the second largest wireless service provider in United States. It was honored with ‘Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards’ in 2008 for developing the ‘Coaxial Cable Technology’. The company’s range of products includes [...]

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