Cloud Services

Most folks we meet with to discuss Cloud Services, feel as though it is a new way of doing business. But actually, most firms and their users have been interacting with the “Cloud” for many years.  In fact, if you bank online, have purchased products on the internet, or have taken online courses, you have had an experience with cloud computing. In most cases, the cloud is a more secure environment than your typical on premise network, due to the fact that security measures, of which would be far too expensive to implement for a typical business, have been employed.

So, why are you hearing so much about the Cloud recently, if it has been heavily used for some time now? It’s because the cost of high-speed internet has been drastically reduced. This enables the average company to relocate their infrastructure, outside of the office, to a more secure environment, while accessing it at speeds that allow business to be conducted successfully.

Server Hosting, Email Hosting, and Off-Site Backup, are three effective areas where today’s businesses look to the “cloud” for services. Do you sometimes feel as though you’re in the computer hardware business, with the amount of investment your firm allocates to technology products? Learn how to reduce those purchases while increasing security, and the well-being of your information, by contacting


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