Email Hosting

mail-297177_1280Whether your firm has one or one thousand email mailboxes, Email Hosting may be a solution for you. With use of the latest version of MS Outlook, Hosted Email Solutions include unlimited mailbox capacity, the ability for real-time synchronization to your handheld, industry leading spam filter, and securely encrypted email with a retention strategy.

Undoubtedly, email delay or delivery failure can result in a lost client or even a potential law suit. With Email Hosting, powered by an enterprise grade, redundant, Microsoft Exchange Farm, you can trust that delivery of critical messages is completed securely and reliably. And when the cost of hosted email is typically a lower price point than on premise email, it becomes a difficult argument to suggest your email should live within the office.

To understand the benefits of Hosted Email and how it can improve the way your firm does business, contact our team,

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