Off Site Back Up

Coors LightImagine the scenario of a fire alarm sounding in your office, cueing everyone to rush for the exits and flee outside, only to see the building completely engulfed in flames. The photos in your office are gone, along with your favorite jacket and car keys. But also, your company information, servers, and data, are all lost.

What will you do? Can you recover? How quickly? Are you able to deliver services, bill clients, collect receivables?

Fortunately for our client, ACS got involved when their business was put through this grueling situation. Dealing with insurance adjusters and replacement of property made for a long and difficult period. However, company data proved to be a nonissue, as it was backed up by ACS to several secure locations. In fact, within 36 hours, the ACS Emergency Services Team built out nine physical servers, as well as eight workstation setups, and transferred all company data from our off-site backups. We assisted with the temporary office setup for our client, ensuring they could operate as a business. This company was down for a total of one business day before they were able to return to conducting business as usual.

Are you confident that if your firm was faced with this predicament, your company would fare the same way? You owe it to your business to contact ACS and discuss an off-site backup strategy. You can’t afford to ignore this crucial part of your business. Contact today.

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