Keyboard Shortcuts


Microsoft Excel is an essential tool in any business’s efforts to optimize their data. In fact, with today’s technology, firms are collecting greater volumes of information across multiple resources, and must quickly and systematically analyze this material in order to realize its value.  We believe that everyone in the office should be familiar with the tricks proven to expedite the process of arranging and examining reports.

ACS Boston has assembled a list of 20 useful shortcuts that can be applied when using Microsoft Excel 2016 and 2013. These tips offer worthwhile techniques to navigate the program and its operations more effectively.

1. Ctrl + Home: Move to the beginning of a worksheet.
2. Ctrl + End: Move to the last cell with content on a worksheet.
3. Ctrl + PgDn: Switch between worksheet tabs, moving left to right.
4. Ctrl + PgUp: Switch between worksheet tabs, moving right to left.
5. Ctrl + F: Display the Find and Replace dialog box (with Find selected).
6. Ctrl + H: Display the Find and Replace dialog box (with Replace selected).
7. Ctrl + F1: Display or hide the ribbon.
8. Ctrl + F4: Close the current workbook.
9. Ctrl + D: Launches the Fill Down command for the selected cells below.
10. Ctrl + Shift + “:”: Insert current time.
11. Ctrl + Shift + “;”:  Insert current date.
12. Ctrl + Shift + $: (Excel 2016) Current cell formatted as currency, with two decimal places and negative numbers in parentheses.
13. Ctrl + Shift + %: (Excel 2016) Current cell formatted as percentage with no decimal places.
14. Ctrl + Shift + #: (Excel 2016) Current cell formatted as date with day, month, year.
15. Ctrl + Arrow Keys: Move to the edge of the next data region (cells that contains data)/
16. F12: Display the “Save As” dialog.
17. F4: Repeats the last command or action, if possible.
18. Alt + Shift + F1: Insert a new worksheet tab.
19. Shift + Arrow key: Extends your current cell selection by one additional cell in the direction specified.
20. Shift + F4: Repeat last find.

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