ACS Services deployed VMware View for AGAR Supply

AGAR Supply Co. is one of the largest independent food distributors in New England and thirteenth largest in United States. Last year AGAR Supply faced a massive desktop refresh due to its majority hardware nearing end of life. As much of their work depends upon high availability of desktops, they were searching for some software which could increase user productivity with minimal capital expenditure. Hence they selected VMware View and gave the responsibility of designing, testing and deploying the software to ACS Services. To know more about the scope of services of ACS, you can visit

Let us discuss about some of the main features of VMware and how was it helpful for AGAR Supply:

Simplified desktop management: As all work of AGAR is dependent on desktop availability, this feature helped their users to access their desktops from anywhere at any point of time regardless of hardware.

Superior End User Experience: It has a wide range of deployment options which ACS Services worked with, and due to this it provided the end users a high-performance desktop experience even with high latency and low bandwidth connections.

Built-in Security: End users of AGAR were able to access their personalized desktop, complete with applications and data, from any location, at any time without jeopardizing the corporate security policies. VMware View helps to secure the datacenter.

Availability: VMware View delivers high availability, with no single point of failure. It helped them to protect their desktop environment cost-effectively.

Offline Desktop: Offline Desktop, an experimental feature in VMware View 4, increases productivity by allowing you to run managed virtual desktops locally or in the datacenter through the same administration framework. Simply download a virtual desktop onto your local client device. All existing security policies for that virtual desktop continue to be applied and enforced. Later, you can check the desktop back into the datacenter for resynchronization.

VMware View helps AGAR save their time, money (Up to $135,000 annually), energy and resources. It also helped them with smoother business continuity. “The implementation went smoothly and over 250 users are now leveraging VMware View desktops.” says Steve Weber, Network Administrator at AGAR Supply. Weber and his team worked closely with ACS Services, Inc. to design, test, and deploy VMware View. “We are extremely happy with the results”, he signs off.

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– Brian Kingsley, Director of Technical Services, ACS Services, Boston

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