Does your company have a mobile device management policy? According to Information Week, only 33% of companies in the US have a deployed solution. How should you begin to protect your data?

In today’s business environment “bring your own device” (BYOD) is now common practice. The way people work has changed with cloud and mobility leading the way. Employees want access to information whether that be when they are traveling, working from home, or while watching their child’s soccer game. The landscape has changed and as decision makers, we must adapt and install solutions to protect your company’s data.

Mobile Device Management: How do I ensure that opening up mobile connectivity to my employee won’t cause any vulnerability to my network?

For business owners and employees, the use of a personal device poses similar challenges. If your employee uses their own personal device then the business owner is asking, “How do I ensure that opening up mobile connectivity to my employee won’t cause any vulnerability to my network”? At the same time the employee is asking, “Can my company access my personal information if I use my own device for work-related items”? Both are valid questions and both parties are right to be concerned about potential invasions of privacy.

So, how does your company begin the process of implementing a BYOD policy without having security concerns or requiring your employees to carry multiple mobile devices?

The answer is that companies should implement a Mobile Device Management (MDM) policy for all employees. This solution can be customized based on access requirements and will give the company full control over the data being transferred to the employee’s device without any interference from the employee’s personal data. In the event that an employee loses their device or potentially has it stolen, the company has the ability to control or shut down all access to corporate information as a precaution to any potential security breach.

How Do I Get Started?

Based on your companies industry compliance requirements or line of business applications there are multiple options for MDM solutions. The best way to begin to evaluate options would be sitting down with your IT staff to look at what is being accessed remotely by your employees, who need access now, and who may need access in the future. This will help to identify your needs and formulate a strategy moving forward. Once a solution is determined and installed, your business should also have staff sign an Information Security Policy. The policy should be clear on the parameters of what your company can access as well as what they can shut down in the case of a breach. Your staff should sign off on this policy and if any changes occur moving forward staff will need to be informed of these changes. Preparing your employees and your company for the future is necessary to ensure the security of your company’s valuable data.

As the number of BYOD employees continues to grow then you’ll need to ensure that the mobile device management policy is meeting any growing or changing needs. ACS has years of experience formulating mobile device management solutions for businesses of all sizes. We can work with you to make a plan that fits your budget and gives you options for how to grow in the future. If you need assistance starting this process please contact Chris Mackin at ACS or contact us at 508-238-6334 and a member of our team will assist in starting this process.