William J.

William J. Adams, Jr.


As President of ACS, my responsibilities focus on ensuring that we make good on the value proposition we offer our clients.  I am also responsible for growing our business, recruiting and retaining top-notch technical and client support talent, and building a culture that supports our business objectives by helping our clients achieve theirs.  

ACS was founded by my father, William Adams, Sr., in 1985.  I joined him in a sales, marketing and business development role shortly after graduating from Plymouth State University in New Hampshire, where I studied business.  I took over from my Dad in 2018.  As a family-run business, we are proud of the legacy we have built for providing clients with unparalleled Managed-IT support.  Our success in this regard is reflected in both the testimonials our clients freely provide about the quality of our service; our industry-leading client satisfaction and retention rates; and, the degree to which we have garnered distinguished honors, like inclusion in the Inc. 5,000 and recognition from CRN Fast Growth 100 – both of which recognize and profile America's fastest-growing companies. 

Over the years, we have evolved from a simple provider of computer technical support to one of the leading and most sophisticated providers of comprehensive Managed-IT services in the Northeast.  My interest in the concept of Managed-IT developed in the late 1990s when one of our clients, a private equity institutional investment firm with assets worth billions of dollars under management, engaged us to become their external IT department.  From there, in 2005, I attended the IPED Accelerated Masters Program, where I learned that ACS was ahead of the curve in our sector when it came to providing such capabilities. This caused us to shift our business model and to focus on providing Managed-IT services as our core business offering.  Today, we have the capacity to provide Managed-IT services to companies with as few as 20 employees and as many as 500.  

ACS' Mission is to "treat every client with the highest level of respect, integrity, and professionalism while providing the optimum level of service that our industry has to offer.”  To us that means providing robust technology solutions and tenacious service.  As for me, I am passionate about what I do and about continuing to build ACS into a market leader.  I am doing this by establishing and reinforcing a company culture that is defined by teamwork, a commitment to client satisfaction, an unrelenting work ethic, and a family-friendly environment – one where employees are encouraged to learn, to reach their potential and to balance their work and home lives in ways that bring them happiness and satisfaction.  

When I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with my two sons, William and Nicholas, who I have coached in youth soccer, basketball and lacrosse for many years – also serving as a founding board member of the Easton Youth Tigers Lacrosse program.  I also serve on the boards of the "Room to Dream Foundation and "The Foundation for Excellence in Education in Easton." ACS wants to be your Managed-IT partner.  Let us show you how we can help you grow and be more efficient and profitable by optimizing your use of technology.  

Stephen McGann

Director of Services & Client Success

I am ultimately responsible for ensuring that our clients and their users receive the best overall experience ACS has to offer across the full range of products and services we provide. A big part of my job entails working closely and intimately with our clients and their key stakeholders – their employees, contractors and vendors – and sometimes even their customers – to ensure that the technology and services we are providing are meeting their needs in ways that improve efficiency, productivity and profitability. I joined ACS in 2019 and I have more than 20 years of experience in technology servicing. The thing I like best about my job is that our approach to client servicing fits with personal philosophy, which focuses on building relationships with clients, understanding their businesses and their needs, and ensuring that we are coordinating our efforts to provide them with technology solutions in a highly professional and responsive manner. To me, the most important thing I do at ACS is continuing to mold and shape our culture around this kind of value system. That requires creating quality interactions with clients and striving to enhance the experiences of their uses. I think the fact that our client satisfaction and retention rates are so high are indications that we are making good on our value proposition as a company.

With respect to my core competencies, the two areas where I think I excel are client onboarding, the process of bringing clients on to the ACS Managed-IT platform, and then ensuring their ongoing satisfaction and success. Prior to joining ACS, I was Vice President of Professional Services and Customer Success at Satuit Technologies.  Early in my career, I was Director of Account Management at AFS Technologies.  I hold a BA in Sociology from Stonehill College.  When I am not working I like to spend time with my wife, my two daughters and my son. I find coaching my kids in baseball, lacrosse and hockey especially enjoyable.  I also enjoy spending time with friends, working out and being active, in general.


Steve McGann
Melissa Lasoff

Melissa L. Lasoff

Director of Managed Services

I oversee the Helpdesk team, which entails ensuring that clients and their users’ receive the "white glove" IT support they need on a 365 24/7 basis. As a member of the ACS Management Team, I play a key role in helping us employ best practices, improve our processes and protocols and execute our business strategy. I have 20 years of Managed IT experience and joined ACS in March 2020. As a company, ACS is committed to helping us achieve balance between our family and work lives. This is because of the team environment and culture we have built. We work well together, support each other, strive to be a learning organization, and share a laser-focus on ensuring client satisfaction.  This makes ACS a fun, exciting, and rewarding place to work. My core areas of expertise are management, team leadership and mentoring, client service, technical troubleshooting, and Helpdesk administration. I am detail-oriented, great at multi-tasking, and value and strive to demonstrate teamwork and critical thinking.  With respect to professional credentials, I am ITIL Certified, Microsoft Certified, and COMPTIA A+.

Prior to joining ACS, I held Managed IT engineering and IT service manager roles at Thomson Reuters and at Clark's headquarters. I hold a nursing assistant's certificate from Bryman College and earned a degree in Business Management at Massasoit Community College. In my spare time, you will likely find me on a cruise ship with my family, exploring some of my favorite destinations, like the Caribbean, Alaska, and London, or planning my next big adventure. I am a huge Red Sox and Patriots fan and enjoy going to concerts with family and friends.

Mike Delany

Director of Professional Services

I oversee the project team that provides technical recommendations, project management support, and technology procurement service on behalf of clients. As a member of the company's Management Team, I also play a role in sharing industry knowledge with our entire team, ensuring that we are implementing best practices, and helping to shape and influence our business strategy. I have 20 years of experience in Managed-IT and I joined ACS in 2020. The things I like most about our company are pretty straight-forward.

We have a fun, performance-driven culture.  We have a great and growing client base.  And, we have people throughout our organization who are first-class problem-solvers and team players.  To me, that makes ACS an interesting and stimulating place to work.  My core areas of expertise are MSP industry knowledge and best practices, technical troubleshooting, on-boarding, project management, team management, and client servicing. Prior to joining ACS, I worked in a similar capacity with Wave Technologies, vCIO/Integrator, Earlier in my career, I was co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Applied Synergy Group. I attended Bentley University where I earned a Bachelor of Finance degree.  When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two sons.  I also like to run, hike, camp, and read and I have interests in both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and personal investing.

Mike Delany
David St. Laurent - Senior Engineer, Project Manager - Boston Managed Services & IT Security Solutions Provider

David St. Laurent

Senior Engineer, Project Manager

I have been with ACS for 14 years and I oversee project teams that responsible for on-boarding new clients and developing and implementing long-term, technical support strategies and plans. I am an expert in server installation and support, virtualization, data center management and networking. I also have considerable expertise in Firewall installation and management and Cloud computing. My core competencies revolve around technical troubleshooting and disaster recovery. With respect to my professional credentials, I am a Microsoft Certified Engineer and I hold a variety of other technical licenses and certifications. I have extensive experience with VMware’s enterprise service suite, Microsoft Exchange, Cisco Technologies’ product line, Active Director and Windows Server.

The thing I like best about working at ACS is that every day brings new challenges and opportunities to think critically and to apply technical creativity to the task of anticipating and addressing clients’ unique needs. Unlike some firms that operate in our sector, ACS not only offers clients muscular technology solutions, we also offer a problem-solving ethic that some would describe as tenacious. We have a lot of smart and very curious people working here and so the bigger the technical challenge, the more committed they are to rising to the challenge for our clients. As for me, I strive for our clients to think of me as a “go-to” technical source, someone with the skills, experience and the commitment to come through for them when they need our help the most.

Sergio Pires

Senior Engineer, MSP Manager

I have been with ACS for more than 12 years and I oversee service delivery and technical support for our MSP suite of products and services. Among other responsibilities, this entails managing our technical support team. I have experience in several fields and business sectors and I strive to be a single-point solution for our clients on a range of networking, server and software challenges. I have learned during my more than two decades of experience that the key to providing Managed-IT services is being forward-thinking and proactive – anticipating and resolving challenges for clients before they become problems. This enables them to maintain a focus on their businesses. My core technical competencies are in configuring and maintaining networking software and devices, including those provided by ACS partners like Cisco, Juniper and Sonicwall. I also have a great deal of experience installing and managing a range of enterprise-level server applications, including Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange and BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) as well as Citrix and iManage.

I am particularly experienced with the development of customized Firewall security policies and managing protocols relating to DNS and SSL security for web sites, including Exchange OWA, Citrix and Remote Web Workplace. I also have considerable experience with the installation and support of data backup and storage facilities, including Storagecraft and Symantec Backup Exec, and I supervise ACS' client support efforts relating to VOIP, hosted solutions, PBX and mixed environments. Finally, I have experience providing troubleshooting and office software support for the Microsoft Office Suite, QuickBooks and a variety of industry-specific software applications, especially those developed for the legal, construction and medical sectors. The thing I like most about working at ACS is our client orientation and our emphasis on creative problem-solving. This requires the kind of in-depth, critical thinking I find most stimulating.

Sergio Pires Senior Engineer, MSP Manager - Boston Managed Services & IT Security Solutions Provider
Keith Tingus DRAAS Specialist - Boston Managed Services & IT Security Solutions Provider

Keith Tingus

DRAAS Specialist

I serve as one of ACS' technical team leads with a focus on employee training and client success. I also work on technical escalations when clients face acute problems and challenges and I play a key role in ACS' research and development (R&D) efforts.  I have worked in IT for 15 years and have been involved in Managed IT, in particular, for seven years.  I like working for ACS because of our company's focus on helping clients optimize their use of technology.  Nothing is more satisfying than helping a client achieve its business objectives.  I also like the fact that my work at ACS requires a great deal of inter-tech collaboration.  This is a reflection of the fact that we have built a learning culture – one where each of us is challenged to expand our knowledge and expertise so we can be united and mutually reinforcing in our efforts to offer our clients more as a team.  This is entirely consistent with our Mission Statement, which is to "treat every client with the highest level of respect, integrity, and professionalism while providing the optimum level of service that our industry has to offer.” 

My core areas of expertise are storage architecture, networking, disaster recovery and server administration.  With respect to my professional credentials, they are as follows:  CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, and StorageCraft Master Engineer.  Prior to joining ACS, I ran my own IT consulting practice – and I enjoyed being an entrepreneur and my clients' "go-to" person on IT issues. I think that experience really prepared me for what I do at our company today, which is directly with our clients on a broad range of IT issues to anticipate and solve their problems. As for my educational background, I hold both an AS in Information Technology and a BS in Network Engineering from the New England Institute of Technology.  In my free time, I enjoy reading, woodworking and archery.  I also enjoy learning about new developments in Linux, which is the most commonly-used open-source operating system software. Linux sits beneath all of the other software on a computer to relay requests from those applications to the system hardware.  Advances in Linux promise to continue revolutionizing computing and this interest fits with the R&D work I do at ACS.

Rob Mavilia

Senior Project Engineer

I have been at ACS for almost 18 years and I have 21 years of experience in technology services with an emphasis on Managed-IT.  My skill set is anchored by extensive experience in technical user and server support, data center management, disaster recovery, Cloud computing and virtualization. I have extensive experience with VMware's product line, Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange. I am a licensed Microsoft engineer and I have a BA in Psychology from Bridgewater State University.

Rob Mavilia Senior Project Engineer - Boston Managed Services & IT Security Solutions Provider
Maria Bassett

Maria Bassett

Office Manager

I am responsible for the administration of ACS' finances. I maintain our accounts payable and receivable; manage our payroll; and, ensure that daily financial entries and reconciliations are made and are accurate. I also play a key role in managing the company's day-to-day administrative operations – creating systems and processes that enable the company to run smoothly and efficiently.

I have worked in IT for almost two years and the thing I like most about ACS is our client-first approach. Every one of us at ACS has a deep understanding of the importance of delivering an excellent experience for every client. We care about what our clients and their success and we want them to know ACS is on their side and is a reliable and committed partner. I think this has been part of the company's value system since it was founded more than 30 years ago by the father of our current president, William Adams, Jr.  This kind of commitment is unique to a multi-generational, family-run business and I think it is a major source of differentiation. With respect to my free time, when I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling.

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