Back Up or Beware: Protecting Your Business From Data Loss

We know it. You know it. Still, we cannot stress enough how important it is to back up your data. Data Loss Prevention should be a priority in any type of business. 

Making Data Loss Prevention Part of Your Day-to-Day Operations

As more businesses rely on data for their day-to-day operations, the need for secure and routine backups increases. And if your backup plan isn’t automatic, we all know how easy it is to forget or put off backing up your data. We’ve all done it.

Computer drives still fail, systems crash and usually they give no advance warning. One minute they’re working fine, and the next minute they’re toast. Just to make things more complicated, usually, when they fail, it’s impossible (or very expensive) to get any data off of them.

Implement your Data Loss Prevention into workflows and procedures as soon as possible. Do it before It's too late.

Picture of Hard Drive for Backup

Backups Protect You From Computer Viruses Or Ransomware

As much as we try to block them computer viruses can still find a way in. Some computer viruses will corrupt your data. Some computer viruses will bog your machine down so much that you can’t log in. Preventing Viruses and Ransomware should be part of your Data Loss Prevention Plans. 

If you ever “lose” a computer or even a network to a virus, most technicians will advise you to wipe the drive clean and reinstall everything. Backups can be a life-saver in these extreme cases. They can even help protect you from having to pay a ransom to recover your data should you be one of the growing numbers of businesses that fall victim to ransomware.

Thieves are more likely to steal high-tech items such as your laptop or business computers. These items are in high demand and can be sold quickly and easily.

If you have backups, it’s simple to restore your files to a new computer. Without backups, your files, pictures, and programs may be gone forever.

Every computer has a Delete key, and sometimes it works too well. As much as we search the computer and insist we have not deleted what we are looking for….it happens!

Have you ever had that email you were pretty sure you saved…or has a coworker insisted they did not “move” that folder?

Backups can let you save and organize the really important things, so you don’t have to worry about what might happen to your data.

Backups Protect You From Fires, Floods, Or Other Natural Disasters

We buy insurance for our homes and businesses because disasters happen. Think of your backups as data insurance.

We don’t like to think about what might happen, but good backups can make any disaster a little more survivable. All you’ll have to do is set up a new computer and restore your backups. Your business can be up and running the next day!

The right data loss prevention policies and procedures will keep you on track to conserving one of your most valuable assets your data.

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