A Business Leader’s Guide to Cybersecurity Planning

Cybersecurity planning is a critical need for businesses today. Reducing your company's cybersecurity risks requires a multi-pronged approach. Make sure you assess your cybersecurity risk just like you would evaluate other operational risks. Creating a culture of cyber-readiness will also include preparing and educating your staff. Preparing Yourself – The Leader Your awareness of the [...]

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Prepping for 2020: How to Create a Solid IT Budget

Step #1: Research You will want to start by reviewing the previous year and track what was spent, categorizing the findings into hardware, software, and licenses. Also, make sure to review credit card statements in addition to written paper checks. Then subcategorize those into one-time and recurring expenses, i.e. monthly or annual subscriptions. You need [...]

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Prepping for a Successful Office Move

As businesses grow and change, they are likely to experience frequent office moves. The success of all office moves is directly impacted by the effective management of the office information technology – an area where most small business owners and managers often don’t have a lot of confidence. From our experience in managing the technology [...]

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