IT Budgeting Struggles

Are you struggling with the task of setting  IT budgets for 2020? Organizations of all sizes and industries struggle with budgeting for technology. By no means is it an issue faced by a select group of organizations. It’s not an “industry-specific” issue either. Technology budgeting is a challenge for everyone – from small non-profits to [...]

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1. Risk Mitigation Creating distance between your Boston IT corporate headquarters and its Data Center eliminates the risk of a single event—such as a utility blackout or a natural disaster—taking out both facilities. Having distance between the headquarters and the data center is ideal, as this allows the team reasonable access to the data center, [...]

Monitoring and its importance

According to Wikipedia, “Monitoring generally means to be aware of the state of a system”. It is an essential part of any organization, state, government and even family. Monitoring helps us to avoid circumstances that may cause loss to time, money, resource, relation, etc. For instance, let us take a very simple example of a [...]