A Business Leader’s Guide to Cybersecurity Planning

Cybersecurity planning is a critical need for businesses today. Reducing your company's cybersecurity risks requires a multi-pronged approach. Make sure you assess your cybersecurity risk just like you would evaluate other operational risks. Creating a culture of cyber-readiness will also include preparing and educating your staff. Preparing Yourself – The Leader Your awareness of the [...]

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Don’t Procrastinate Windows 7 Users, It May Affect Your Security

Everyone is busy and sometimes you do need to push off a meeting or an email; totally acceptable. However, Windows 7 users are running out of time. Windows 7 will officially begin the 'End of Life' phase on January 14, 2020. Microsoft has roadmaps for all of its products and for Windows 7 it is [...]

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Be On the Lookout: Robbinhood Ransomware

Whether its ransomware, malware, phishing emails, it's in your best interest to be aware of the latest threats targeting companies and their computer networks. Recently, a ransomware named Robbinhood has been making rounds. Rather than being distributed through spam, this ransomware uses Trojans including hacked remote desktop services, emails with unknown attachments, or malicious websites [...]

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Do You Have an Extra $25,000 Laying Around?

Ransomware does not discriminate. You might have heard horror stories when a company or even a city has had its data held hostage by ransomware. You might have even felt empathy, but chances are you probably also thought "It could never happen to me!". Sadly, this is wishful thinking these days, as we've seen businesses [...]

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Ransomware: Don’t Let Your Company Be Held Hostage

The productivity of your employees is paramount. Unfortunately, with a single mouse click, one employee could bring your entire company to a screeching halt. Even worse, your company could be held hostage to pay a substantial amount of money to return to business-as-usual. That's the definition of ransomware - a growing epidemic amongst small, medium, [...]

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Cybersecurity Tips for 2019: How to Spot a Phishing Email

Phishing is not a fun day on the water! Phishing emails lure you (the victim) into clicking on a malicious URL or email attachment so that you hand over your personal data. What is Phishing? Phishing is very similar to spending a day on an ocean or lake but instead of trying to reel in [...]

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Cybersecurity Tips for Spring Break – Protect Yourself

Planning a trip? Getting ready to travel with your laptop for business or pleasure? As important as it is to deploy safe cyber practices while at home, it is even more important to be aware of cybersecurity risks while traveling. According to a TripWire survey, 51% of Americans believe that using personal devices on vacation [...]

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IT Security Audit

 Has your company had thorough penetration testing or an IT security audit performed? Your firewall, anti-virus, and even the best practices you have in place will not give you the detailed information that a proper security audit can. Without it, you will not understand what your vulnerabilities are or where some potential holes are. [...]

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ACS Virus Protection

Virus creation is a multi-billion dollar industry. No matter how quickly the top anti-virus companies can put together patches and update security, new threads and strains are being created. Fighting viruses is a full time job and it's not enough to just install the latest anti-virus software on you machines. Viruses and security threats have [...]

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 Have you heard about the Cryptolocker virus or ransomware? These are types of malware that attack your system and encrypts all of your data. Businesses who are victims of these kinds of attacks are at the mercy of the attacker and will often have to pay a sum of money to recover access to [...]

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