Prepping for 2020: How to Create a Solid IT Budget

Step #1: Research You will want to start by reviewing the previous year and track what was spent, categorizing the findings into hardware, software, and licenses. Also, make sure to review credit card statements in addition to written paper checks. Then subcategorize those into one-time and recurring expenses, i.e. monthly or annual subscriptions. You need [...]

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Don’t Procrastinate Windows 7 Users, It May Affect Your Security

Everyone is busy and sometimes you do need to push off a meeting or an email; totally acceptable. However, Windows 7 users are running out of time. Windows 7 will officially begin the 'End of Life' phase on January 14, 2020. Microsoft has roadmaps for all of its products and for Windows 7 it is [...]

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Corporate Security + Corporate Planning = Corporate Growth

In today’s global economy, one major business challenge is how efficiently it can expand, or in other words, how effectively a company can reach out to potential new clients all over the world. Technology may be the driving force supporting this growth opportunity but a corporate IT security strategy should also be in place and [...]

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Budgeting IT

 Have you conducted your budget for next year's IT spend? Do you have out of date file servers, software, or PCs? ACS works with clients to put together a proactive budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Save yourself from the surprise of unexpected costs during the year. ACS can work with you to understand [...]

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Virtual CIO

A CIO is a Chief Information Officer, and most companies who have fewer than 500 employees, tend to not have a CIO on staff. One of ACS’s services is our “Virtual CIO” where we assign your company a virtual Chief Information Officer. This person will spend anywhere from an hour to ten hours every week [...]

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Stretch ROI on Technology Hardware

 We understand it’s important for your business to stretch the ROI on technology hardware, and it’s our goal at ACS to help you do this. So while our competitors might come in and tell you to replace your servers, declare that all your hardware is obsolete, and advise you to start fresh with what [...]

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