End to End Solution

ACS Services has taken a long time to put together a group of vendors and partners who we truly trust. Our team takes pride in the partners we've chosen, including Cisco, HP, and Microsoft. In fact, we feel they are the best in class for total solutions for your business. This video briefly explains our [...]

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Network Operations Center- ACS Boston

Have you seen our Network Operations Center? It's the result of a substantial investment we made in 2014, in order to provide our clients with enterprise-level Cloud Computing. Running 24/7, 365 days a year, it is a focal point to our ACS office.

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Microsoft Server 2003 End of Life – ACS Boston

In our newest video blog, a Principal at ACS discusses the value of Email Archiving. We understand that you’re getting hundreds of emails daily, some extremely significant, and others only spam. It’s necessary to archive those important emails, so that they do not slow your system down. As they pile up, it becomes more and [...]

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End of Life ACS Boston

This video briefly explains an important change happening with Microsoft this coming July. In a few short months, Microsoft will no longer be supporting their Microsoft Windows server 2003. This product is actually very popular, but it will be extremely dangerous to run the program after this change occurs. Unfortunately, many people are not aware [...]

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Document Management – ACS Boston

ACS Services is Boston’s premier, full-service IT solutions and tech support company equipped to work with clients of all sizes and industry sectors. Our collection of business support services include: comprehensive small business IT support services, 24/7 managed services, computer networking, general tech support, network security, data recovery and tier1 data protection and backup services. [...]

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Virtual Chief Technology Officer-ACS Boston

As many of you know, a Virtual Technology Officer, or CTO, is a professional who typically earns a six figure salary. This video briefly discusses how ACS provides many of the same services, on an as-needed bases, for a FRACTION of the cost. Our team will help you strategize, plan, and budget your IT needs. [...]

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Total Server Protection

Our Total Server Protection service ensures that your Server is backed up and secure at all times. This includes a redundant Backup and Security Service that will protect you from costly downtime and security issues BEFORE they happen. A few years ago, our client experienced a fire that caused their entire building to burn down. [...]

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Server Virtualization

Virtualization is the single most effective way to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility—not just for large enterprises, but also for small and midsize businesses. http://youtu.be/TZ_MtBOGTWQ?list=UU6WuCeqofvt9BFTOoI_cbTA

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