Data Loss and Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Regardless of its size, every business should have a data backup and disaster recovery plan in place. While it may seem unlikely, mistakes do occur. When they jeopardize your business-critical information, you’ll want to have a disaster recovery plan that can restore your data with little to no downtime.

80% of breaches that happen to our clients is due to some action by their employees.

ACS, Boston Based MSP

Most Data Breaches Happen Due to Some Action by an Organization's Employees

At ACS, 80 percent of breaches that happen to our clients is due to some action by their employees. Whether it’s a lost cell phone containing company emails, or a disgruntled employee stealing information, you need a disaster recovery plan in place to protect your business against the repercussions.

A Disaster Recovery Plan To Meet Your Business Needs

ACS shares a commitment with our client partners to ensure that their networks and valuable information are carefully backed up and protected.

This commitment is why we have a disaster recovery plan to meet your every backup need – whether it’s for your whole network or simply a personal laptop.

The Importance of Managing Your Critical Business Information

We understand that the information you create and manage is crucial to your business's success, and the threat of losing that information could mean disaster.

Our skilled engineers are here around the clock to ensure that your information is safe and protected.

Your data is the most important aspect of your business –

let ACS protect it.

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