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Disaster Recovery

Does your business have a backup and disaster recovery plan? Imagine the scenario of a fire alarm sounding in your office, cueing everyone to rush for the exits and flee outside, only to see the building completely engulfed in flames. The photos in your office are gone, along with your favorite jacket and car keys. But also, your company information, servers, and data are all lost.

What will you do? Can you recover? How quickly? Are you able to deliver services, bill clients, collect receivables?

ACS has assisted hundreds of clients over the past 30 years dealing with this difficult process. Our Disaster Recovery team is on standby to tackle what could be a matter of life and death for your business. According to a study performed by IBM, 80% of businesses that have major data loss go out of business within 2 years. Our team has dealt with issues ranging from natural disasters (such as fire, flood, and lightning) to theft or malicious activity. If you have data loss, our team will work within all means available to recover your firm.

If disaster strikes, don’t wait. Contact DR@ACS.com for help!

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