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Managed Services

In today’s business world, technology drives the bottom line. ACS has built its Managed IT Services to fulfill the roles needed to be met in order for your firm to be successful. Help Desk, Server Administration, and Network Management are the three core areas that comprise your IT Support requirements. The roles need to be strategically filled by individuals with relevant skillsets and experiences.

A common misconception is that one person can fill all three needs, and this is not true. If your model or budget does not support an IT Team containing these three separate roles, ACS Managed Services is your solution.

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Help Desk

In today’s business world, with its ever-changing technology needs, it’s rare to find a company able to staff, train, and manage an IT Help Desk, with the ability to support its employee base. The ACS Managed Help Desk Program eliminates this worry. For 30 years, ACS has perfected its End User Service Delivery Model to the highest level offered in the industry. A combination of technical training, metrics management, and customer service is the foundation of the Technology Call Center Team, which makes up the ACS Help Desk Team. Your employees need help to complete the tasks that grow your bottom line. Our goal is to support your staff by resolving any issues swiftly and painlessly, allowing you to focus on your number-one concern, your clients.

Server Administration

Your company’s servers are the heart of your business. It’s where your entire firm’s data lives, and it must be handled with care. In fact, an issue with your servers can lead to loss of revenue, downtime, or even the potential death of your organization. Best practices must be in place at all times, including preventative maintenance and applicable security measures. Who in your organization is qualified to handle this responsibility? With 50 years of technical, hands-on experience the ACS Server Admin Team can help ensure your server’s well-being. Each member is continuously educated on best-practices, as well as ever-changing industry standards.

Network Management

Your network is not only responsible for moving data from point A to point B, securely and quickly, but it’s also the wall protecting information from the outside world, and from those who seek unauthorized access. If your network is not set up using today’s best practices and managed by stringent guidelines, the firm can encounter significant issues, ranging from latency to data loss, or even worse, a security breach. Carelessness is not an option. The ACS Network Management Team has a 30-year history of successful Network Design, Implementation, and Management. Have ACS assess the state of your current environment, or benchmark your firm’s security competence.

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