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Professional Services

For 30 years, ACS has offered Professional Technology Services to companies large and small throughout New England and the United States. System installs, Data Recovery, Hardware Replacement, and Software Upgrades are just a few of the services we provide clients.

ACS’s “On Demand” support program is designed for those who may require an outside resource in order to help keep their environment up-to-date, or if they need assistance on a particular project or issue they are facing.

The ACS Professional Services Team carries certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, and HP, as well as from others. They also have a deep understanding of industry sectors, including legal, construction, and healthcare, to name a few.

Dozens of clients can speak to ACS’s commitment to being on time and under budget. In general, we offer all-inclusive packages or customized services, starting with a free consultation and assessment of your company’s IT needs, without any commitment. Our demonstrated, superior capabilities can improve your business operations across the board, delivering the security and results you deserve.

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