Why ACS?

Have you ever wondered what best-in-class IT services look like? With over 30 years of client relationships and more than 100 years of combined industry knowledge, ACS has solutions that focus on our clients’ budget and overall satisfaction. We understand that IT outages affect the productivity of your employees and ultimately, the success of your business. Find out how ACS aligns itself with the goals of your firm to help you grow. We worry about your IT needs, so you can worry about your cash-flow and your bottom line.

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Do you Outsource IT?

Call us today to discuss our Managed Services offering specializing in Network Management, Server Administration and 24×7 Help Desk.  Our offering provides organizations with access to all of the IT service and expertise they really need at a predictable and affordable price while helping clients cut IT Costs, better leverage technology & reduce their risks.

Do you have in house IT?

Let ACS support & augment your in house IT Team thru specific out-sourced IT Projects and Initiatives; or by leveraging our Help Desk for Tier 1 and Tier 2 tickets. By utilizing ACS’s Help Desk your IT staff can focus on the mission critical needs & business objectives.

Do you need 24/7 support?

 ACS offers 24/7/365 Support to all Managed Service Clients. In addition, with our monitoring and notification alerts in place we are aware of an IT problem before or while it is occurring and can provide remote remediation immediately.

Do you operate from multiple locations?

Be it locally, nationally or globally ACS can support your IT requirements with onsite hardware or in our Cloud services offering. Call us to discuss what infrastructure is most appropriate and cost effective for your business.

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